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We recommend you to book in advance.
It’s easy to do, and it will give you the peace of mind of having your lodging guaranteed.
It will also help you to plan your trip before your travel, and while you’re in México.

Here are some different ways to book your bed at the hostel:

You can phone or e-mail us to make your reservation:

In USA call:                         011  52 951 5162005
From other Countries:   Code + 52 951 5162005
In México:                            01 951 5162005
In Oaxaca city:                   5162005, 5144210

Call us if you have any questions.
Book in an easy, fast and safe way through our phone call reservations.

Paulina Youth Hostel has an online booking system that is safe, in real time and guaranteed for you.

Book now!


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