Arbol del Tule Tree.

Awesome Trees!
• Arbol del Tule Tree – the Widest Tree Trunk (1,400 years old, diameter of 38.1 ft. Careful DNA examination was used to determine that this was indeed a single tree).
• Old Tjikko – the Oldest Tree (9,550 Years Old, this tree has successfully adapted to every climate change that has effected the area in which it resides).
• Methuselah – the Oldest Non-Clonal Tree (4,845 Years Old)
• General Sherman – the Biggest Tree (1,385 tons, 274.9 ft. height and 36.5 ft. diameter at base, this is the fastest growing living thing on this planet!)
• Hyperion – the Tallest Tree in the World (115.6 meters/379′ 4″; taller than Big Ben and the Lady of Liberty Statue).


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